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YAPIS • OpenStreetMap

Yet Another Point of Interest Submitter

Welcome to YAPIS!

YAPIS enables anyone to add places of interest (POI) very easy to the OpenStreetMap. The OpenStreetMap deserves that everyone can help!

With YAPIS this entry is very simple: Either

  • seek the location on the map and set a marker
  • upload a JPG image with coordinates
  • upload a GPX file from the navigation device

Then specify just what is there and send it - that is all! There is no need to filled in all the fields, just as much as is known.

Important: Please save your input on every page, it won't work if you click through the top-navigation!

YAPIS is particularly suitable for beginners as it is self-explanatory. However, a username and password in OpenStreetMap is needed, so a registration at OpenStreetMap is required.

Note: All data entered into YAPIS must been recorded on oneself. They are made irrevocably for disposal of OpenStreetMap.

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Re: Atos Autoteile Erding

Schöne Straße Reise in Thailand und Thai Frauen aus Isarn wie Sisaket und Khonkaen Provinz sind nett. Sie sind ehrlich , fleißig , und schön. Ich liebe das. cool!

Sat, 06 Dec 2014 12:07:06 -0000
Re: •

Nice Hotel in Frankfurt Oder, with great logation. Hotel breakfast was very good and easy for
family with childrens.

Sat, 08 Nov 2014 11:26:53 -0000
Re: Mol's Bar • Pub

You need to be aware that linking Flickr pictures into the page could be in breach of copyright as many are "All rights reserved" which means that to even share them you must get permission from the owner. Your website hosting provider can be contacted and be asked to remove the images if you refuse to do so.

Fri, 31 Oct 2014 08:10:53 -0000
Re: Saraja • Restaurant

super leckeres essen, einfach klasse!

Mon, 22 Sep 2014 05:43:50 -0000
Re: Hua-Ren-Tang

Ich möchte meine REchnung bezahlen, Bekomme aber die Meldung: IBAN nicht korrekt DE191001001000003140100 WÜrden Sie das bitte überprüfen und mir die richtige IBAN mitteilen.

Thu, 04 Sep 2014 05:17:09 -0000

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